Welcome to Canadian Prospects!!

Showcasing Canada’s next set of stars in a new and innovative format. By using the Internet we hope to modernize the process of finding new talent in Canada.

Over the years the only way that a coach could see a player was if the player was able to come down south in a tournament or if the coach was able to come here for an event.

Our site gives our budding athletes a portal to potential coaches and schools with out the expense of traveling, hotels and most of all time. In addition helping coaches see the players profiles, coaches will also see them in perform in regular season games against their toughest rivals. We will break down the players strengths and weaknesses and help you follow players as they develop.

In recent years many Young Canadians have ventured south to further their pursuit of excellence with amazing results. We now have dozens of players in Division 1, 2 and 3 (N.C.A.A schools). Not just seating on their prospective benches but staring on their respective teams. But there are still some very talented young men and women that never get “looks” due to a variety of reasons.

It is our hope to give those young athletes an opportunity to be seen and heard from for the first time. Please remember that this is a way we hope for us to have our kids that want to go to the next level in both their educational and their athletic pursuits be better gauged and seen so that they can maximize their chances. Good Luck to everyone stay and  Humble and Hungry.

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I would never recruit a player who yells at his teammates, disrespected his high school coach, or scores 33 points a game and his team goes 10-10

Dean Smith

My practices were not set up to be easy or enjoyed

Bob Knight

Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory

Bill Russell